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A gift can speak volumes about your personality and how important the receiver is it to you. There are some who attach more importance to the gifting rather than  the gift itself, and then, there are some for whom the gift is equally important. And one of those great gift ideas is the L.O.L. Surprise dolls. These dolls have been huge this year because they are about two great elements: compatibility and include a "surprise." There are many reasons why dolls are great gift ideas. Read on…

·        They’re Durable

If your gift is for a kid, then you should know that kids are good at breaking toys, and because dolls are so durable, this should be less of a concern. Dolls are designed to withstand wear and tear that inevitably comes along with being used by a child.

·        They Heighten the Enjoyment of Other Toys

One of the best things about dolls is that, even though they can be used and enjoyed on their own, there is other purpose played with alongside other toys giving a child a delight boost. Dolls makes playtime with other toys more enjoyable on another level is it with dolls, teddy bears, or anything else.

·        They Offer a Welcome Break from Technology

It has been said that children might be addicted or develop serious issues with the overuse of technology during play, so encouraging the use of toys like dolls may be a way to help them get a break from technology.

·        They’re Beautiful

You might be wondering while these benefits are more for the kids than the older ages, dolls are stunning and they make a beautiful addition to any child’s set of toys. They can also add to the aesthetic of any playroom because they are so easy on the eye.

·        They’re Timeless

This is something that does not apply to many other toys, but dolls can have withstood the coming and going of fashions and can still be an absolute classic to this day.

·        They Encourage Imitation

Children love imitating things and this is very good for their self-development, so it’s not just play that dolls aid, they’re also ideal toys for encouraging healthy development.

·        They Can Be Enjoyed by Everyone

Regardless of your age, believe, gender or race, dolls can be enjoyed by everyone from every walk of life.

·        They’re Easy to Assemble

The issue of how easy to assemble is what pisses many people off from buying toys, and this is where dolls comes in place as they are very easy to assemble and keep.

Remember what the latest happiness studies say: Money doesn't buy happiness, but experiences do. Give the gift of experience, like LOL surprise doll and remember: the best gifts come from the heart.


The word “lol” is an acronym for “laugh out loud” or “lots of laughs.” In this case, L.O.L. stands for “Lil Outrageous Littles.” It is an imaginary world where babies run everything. The lol surprise dolls come with different surprises to be discovered, the surprise comes when kids unbox each peel of a colorful ball. Each peel reveals a surprise like: stickers, shoes, outfit accessories, charms and collectible mini baby dolls. Another big surprise comes when kids bathe the little dolls in cold or warm water as they change of color, or when kids feed the baby doll… Lol dolls are a creation of MGA CEO Isaac Larian.

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